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Luxury master bathroom remodel.

Who doesn’t want to come home to a relaxing, 宁静的主浴室完整的加热地板和一个大浴缸浸泡的一天的关心? 浴室的设计和改造支持是am8亚美游戏平台最喜欢的项目之一 HER Home Design LLC. am8亚美游戏平台很高兴与您分享这个新的豪华主浴室改造.

The Client
这个五口之家住在一个单独的家庭里,是1986年建造的定制住宅. It features almost 5,000 sq. ft. with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. 这所房子坐落在一块美丽的林地上,依偎在印第安纳波利斯地区郊区一条死胡同的尽头.

The Challenge
三个学龄的孩子有大量的课外活动,而父母的日程安排也非常繁忙, a place to relax and get away was a must for on-the-go mom.

Although it was large with great natural light, the existing master bathroom was dark inside, outdated, 缺乏存储空间,对家庭的日常生活没有太大的帮助.

这里之前也有过一些水渍,所以天花板年久失修,潮湿空间周围的干墙开始剥落. 有一个浸泡浴缸,但进去很吃力,所有的管道装置都在恶化.


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The Solution
有足够的预算和房主们的很多好主意, am8亚美游戏平台马上就进入了画板阶段,很兴奋地向这家人展示了am8亚美游戏平台的改造设计方案. Our design plan included the following items:

  • 一个超级功能性的主浴室,可以为整个家庭服务,存储额外的个人护理用品和洗漱用品
  • 一个“水疗式”的设计,感觉舒适,适合与家庭的传统设计风格
  • 一个重新设计的私人浴室,没有门,一个座位和许多壁龛
  • Ceramic tile floors with heat
  • New paint scrubbable paint in a calm, relaxing tone
  • 全新的橱柜,在浴缸附近有一个额外的地板到天花板的橱柜,用于额外的存储
  • His and hers vanities and new sinks
  • All new plumbing fixtures
  • Extra large clawfoot soaking tub with a vintage feel
  • Granite countertops with “leathered” finish
  • A toilet paper holder with room for three rolls
  • New LED overhead recessed lighting
  • New lighting in the attached master closet
  • LED vanity lighting

The Final Bathroom Remodel Project
房主和他们的孩子对新浴室感到兴奋不已. 他们喜欢这个空间的设计,妈妈喜欢在她的新浴缸里度过漫长的一天后放松. 新功能的主浴室里有放洗漱用品的空间, 个人护理用品和额外的卫生纸就在他们的指尖. It’s light, bright and most of all… functional!

Here’s a look at the finished bathroom remodel project:

Photo Credit: Structured Photography and HER Home Design team

Every house needs a little of ‘HER’ to make it a home.

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  • Client Busy family of five in suburban Indianapolis
  • Date December 9, 2018
  • Tags Affordable Interior Design, Bathroom Design and Remodeling, Design, Home Makeover, Interior Design, Kitchen Design and Remodeling

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