Transitional Kitchen Design and Remodel Project

    Transitional Kitchen Design and Remodel 1

    Transitional Kitchen Design and Remodel Project

    印第安纳波利斯很幸运,能提供各种风格的经济适用房. am8亚美游戏平台的客户爱上了印第市中心附近的一座漂亮的房子,并买下了它, but she didn’t love the outdated spaces. 她的家庭设计团队很高兴能帮助她创建过渡性厨房设计和改造项目,她可以在她的新家感到自豪.

    厨房和浴室的设计和改造是am8亚美游戏平台最喜欢的项目 HER Home Design LLC, 因此,am8亚美游戏平台很高兴与您分享这个过渡厨房设计和改造项目的细节. 该项目还包括主楼和主卧室的家具更新,以及墙壁颜色和新的照明. See the home decor portion of the project HERE.

    The Client
    这个项目的客户是一位空巢妈妈,她把房子缩小到一座建于20世纪50年代的独户住宅,并在2005年进行了第一次翻修. Her new home features about 2,500 sq. ft. with three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. 它很好地休息在一个安静的街道在印第的老北侧社区附近的市中心.

    The Design Challenge
    在“开放概念”的概念真正成为一种趋势之前,这栋房子在2000年就进行了更新. The spaces were right-sized but closed off. Although the home had great bones, 厨房又暗又单调,缺乏实用空间和储物空间,这正是今天的买家在新房子里所需要的. 墙壁和地板的颜色都很暗,很难接触到自然光, which the homeowner really wanted.

    Here are some images of what the kitchen looked like before:

    Transitional Kitchen Design and Remodel

    The Solution
    有一个健康的预算和房主的一大堆好主意, am8亚美游戏平台马上就进入了画板阶段,am8亚美游戏平台很兴奋地向am8亚美游戏平台的客户展示am8亚美游戏平台的改造设计方案. Our design plan included the following items:

    • 一个超级功能的厨房,具有大量的存储和新的咖啡吧
    • 一个更新的过渡设计,是功能和美丽的房主
    • 新创建的休息区,可以看到厨房对面的露台
    • A large island with plenty of seating
    • Ceramic tile floors
    • New paint scrubbable paint in a calm, relaxing tone
    • Brand new modern two-toned cabinetry
    • A larger kitchen sink and prep sink with touch faucet
    • State-of-the-art luxury appliances
    • Luxury granite countertops
    • New LED overhead recessed lighting
    • New pendant lighting throughout
    • Neutral vertical direction backsplash tile
    • New state-of-the-art appliances
    • 厨房里的新家具,包括椅子和酒吧凳

    The Final Kitchen Design and Remodel Project
    The homeowner loves her new transitional kitchen design. 两种色调的鼠尾草和核桃色的橱柜是华丽的,并提供充足的存储空间. 拓宽的厨房提供了房屋前后更好的视野, plus it gave us room to install a cool little coffee bar. It’s light, bright and most of all… functional!


    Photo Credit: The Home Aesthetic

    Video Credit: HER Home Design

    Remodeling Labor Credit: Ryan Galbraith, Roof Indy

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    • Client Corporate executive purchased a new home with great bones
    • Date April 19, 2021
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